Renfrew County & District Health Unit Media Release on Flood Recovery Measures and Precautions




May 18, 2017


Flood Recovery Measures-Renfrew County

With the outside temperatures warming up and the holiday weekend approaching, the Renfrew County and District Health Unit would like to advise all residents affected by the recent flooding to take the following precautions:

  • Continue to stay out of flood waters if at all possible to avoid exposure to potentially high levels of harmful bacteria. Recreational water use in lakes and rivers that were heavily flooded should be avoided until water levels return to normal. Be on the lookout for floating debris.
  • Use personal protection during any flood clean-up activities. Wear rubber gloves and other protective clothing including the use of an N95 mask when cleaning up indoors to avoid breathing in potentially harmful airborne contaminants such as mold.
  • Wash your hands with soap and clean water before handling food, after participating in flood clean-up activities and after handling articles contaminated with flood water.
  • Do not eat any foods that have been exposed to flood waters. Canned goods and sealed beverages may be used if these containers can be thoroughly cleaned and dried.
  • Perishable foods in refrigerators should be discarded if the power has been out for more than 4 hours.
  • Frozen foods may be re-frozen if ice crystals are still present and the food was not exposed to flood waters.
  • Contents of sand bags may be contaminated and should not be used on beaches, gardens and sandboxes. Keep sand away from wells and waterways. Check with your local municipal office for more information regarding disposal of sand bags.
  • For more information regarding drinking water safety and testing, septic system concerns and general clean-up precautions please visit

The Health Unit has begun surface water sampling at affected lakes and rivers as well as at our established public beaches in anticipation of the beaches being opened for the season. Status reports will be posted on the Health Unit website as they become available.

Health Unit Contact:

Mike Grace, Acting Manager, Environmental Health

Renfrew County and District Health Unit

613 735-8654 Ext. 535