Red Cross Assistance for Residents Affected by Flooding

The Canadian Red Cross has services available to assist resident's affected by the recent flooding.  Click the following link to access information pertaining to the release of disaster assistance funds from the Red Cross to persons with primary residences affected by this flood

The Red Cross also have clean – up kits, hygiene kits and information to distribute to affected households as required.

You do not need to register with the Red Cross to get a clean-up kit from them and the clean-up kit is also available to affected cottagers.

The following provides more information on the financial assistance available from the Red Cross:

"Direct financial assistance to flood impacted households

Thanks to the donations from generous Canadians, all eligible household will receive $600 in direct financial assistance through an electronic bank transfer.  Note that is the household amount, not per individual. For people to receive direct financial assistance, they must register with Red Cross.  Registration can be done online at or by calling 1-800-863-6582.  Answers to FAQs are provided below:

  • Who is eligible?

Residents with damage to their primary residence as a result of flooding are eligible to receive assistance (rental properties and cottages for example do not qualify).  Red Cross will require proof of address and will verify that addresses have been impacted by flooding through satellite images and will work with local authorities to validate information.  Red Cross will extend support to all homes impacted by this flood regardless of government designation. 

  • How will assistance be distributed?
    This assistance will be distributed via electronic fund transfer.


  • When will assistance be distributed?

Residents should receive their assistance in 5-7 days following registration – it may take longer for residents to receive their funds.

  • Why are we giving assistance in the form of cash?

Direct financial assistance provides a user-friendly, easily accessible method to help support emergency assistance based on unique personal needs. This method empowers those affected to determine for themselves exactly what is essential during this difficult time.


  • How does Canadian Red Cross financial support work with DRAO?

People impacted by the floods who live in an area activated by DRAO can receive DRAO (as per the application process) AND Red Cross assistance. If people use money from Red Cross on items that they are not including on their DRAO application, they don’t need to do anything. If people use money from Red Cross on items that they are including on their DRAO application, they must indicate that on their application form and this may be deducted from DRAO assistance.