News Release from County of Renfrew: Support Available for Residents Impacted by the Flood


NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                           FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

April 30th, 2019

Support Available for Residents Impacted by the Flood

Pembroke:  The County of Renfrew has coordinated support services for residents whose homes have been impacted by flooding.

A crisis support line has been opened for individuals who require emotional support, in relation to the flood, and/or need referrals to community resources. Red Cross has offered their services for those who have been evacuated and need accommodations. Ontario Works has confirmed availability to assist those who have already exhausted assistance offered through Red Cross while Valley Animal Rescue has also offered their services for temporary pet fostering.

The emotional strain of going through a period of uncertainty can bring out a number of physical and emotional reactions. The Crisis Support Line, offered through MorneauSheppel is available so that everyone in the community has somewhere to turn to for help to cope with the current situation. Immediate and confidential EFAP services are accessible 25/7/365 by calling 1.844.751.2133. also features additional information and tips on coping with traumatic events.

Red Cross will be providing support for people who are in need, who have been evacuated and need accommodations up to the first 72 hours. Individuals in need of support from Red Cross are asked to call 1.866.637.4263.

For people who need assistance, Ontario Works staff will be able to assist. Ontario Works Staff can also assist people with contacting the Red Cross and accept applications for Emergency Assistance through the Ontario Works Program. Ontario Works offices are located in the following locations that are open 8a.m.-4p.m. Monday to Friday:

  • Pembroke, 141 Lake Street, Pembroke, ON K8A 5L8 - 613.732.2601 or 866.897.4849
  • Renfrew 450 O’Brien Road, Suite 104, Renfrew, ON K7V 3Z2 - 613.433.9846 or 888.281.7526
  • Killaloe, 1 John Street, PO 102, Killaloe, ON K0J 2A0 - 613.757.0770
  • Arnprior, 80 McGonigal Street West, Suite 110, Arnprior, ON K7S 1M3 - 613.623.5426 or 844.623.5426

Animal Valley Rescue have offered assistance in providing foster placement for pets for people who have to evacuate. They are a small operation with limited service. For more information contact Donita at 613.432.7005

Residents can access the Renfrew County Flood Impact & Recovery document located at:

In addition as previously released the Province has activated the Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians Program for those impacted by the flooding.  More info on this program can be found here:

The County of Renfrew will continue to post road closures and Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry Flood Warnings to the County’s Face Book and Twitter Feeds, and update the local media whenever possible.

For More Information Please Contact:

Paul Moreau - Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk, County of Renfrew - 613 735-7288

Michael Barber - Media Relations/Grants Coordinator, County of Renfrew - 613-735-7288