Media Release - Laurentian Valley Flood Update

Media Release - Township of Laurentian Valley


The Township of Laurentian Valley continues to monitor the flooding along the Ottawa River.  As many residents have been impacted by the flooding and some have been displaced from their homes, the Township wishes to advise of some of the services available.

The County of Renfrew has coordinated support services for residents whose homes have been impacted by flooding. A crisis support line has been opened for individuals who require emotional support, in relation to the flood, and/or need referrals to community resources.  Immediate and confidential EFAP services are accessible 25/7/365 by calling 1-844-751-2133.  The Red Cross has offered their services for those who have been evacuated and need accommodations. Ontario Works has confirmed availability to assist those who have already exhausted assistance offered through Red Cross while Valley Animal Rescue has also offered their services for temporary pet fostering.  For more information on the available services, check the Township website at

Importance of Registration with the Red Cross

If you have left your home due to flooding it is also important to call 1-800-863-6582‎ to register with the Red Cross in order to be able to participate in any funding that might become available in the future from the fundraising and also so family can find you through family reunification.

Emergency Red Cross Assistance for Persons Displaced due to Flooding

The Red Cross is helping individuals and families who have been affected by the flooding and are in a vulnerable situation. A variety of services are available based on their immediate needs and will be provided on a case-by-case basis, depending on needs assessments. Services may include information and referral services, emotional support, registration -- where requested by authorities, and support to help meet urgent basic needs, such as food, lodging, clothing, personal services and transportation. The Red Cross is working to meet the needs of those affected on a case-by-case basis. ‎ Should you need assistance please contact 1-866-637-4263.

The Red Cross provides support for urgent emergency needs, not loss, and works collaboratively with other assistance providers to avoid duplication.

Mayor Steve Bennett stated: “For Residents needing assistance, the Red Cross is working with the Municipality to provide personal disaster assistance and other support services for impacted residents are being coordinated through the County of Renfrew.  I urge residents to take advantage of the support that is there for them through this difficult time.   On behalf of Council I would also like to thank all volunteers, the Fire Department, Township staff and the Military for their ongoing efforts during this flooding emergency.”

The Township asks residents for their understanding as regular Township services, such as pothole filling and gravel road grading, may be affected or delayed as municipal resources are deployed to deal with the flooding emergency.  A fire ban is also in effect and no permits will be issued until further notice, due to staff resources required to assist with the flooding emergency.

Please check our website to see most current updates at and the Township Facebook Page.

For More Information, Please Contact:

Lauree Armstrong, Community Emergency Management Coordinator, Township of Laurentian Valley - 613-735-6291 ext.203

Kayla Janke, Emergency Information Officer, Township of Laurentian Valley - 613-735-6291 ext 221