Woodstoves, Fireplaces and Chimneys

New installations of solid fuel appliances and allied chimneys require Building Permits and inspections. If you have an existing appliance or chimney that you would like inspected please contact the Tri-Township Fire Department at 735-1358, leave a message, they will contact you.

  1. Project Information - complete all boxes
  2. Applicant - the applicant is to complete by filling in his or her information, this is the person the Municipality will work with to complete the project.
  3. Owner - insert the owners information if the owner is not the applicant.
  4. Builder - insert the contractors information if different from the owner and the applicant.
  5. Purpose of the application - tick the applicable box, indicate the use of the building, residential, commercial, industrial, etc. Indicate the use of the existing or proposed buildings, eg. three bedroom dwelling. Provide a discription of the proposed work, eg. to instal a wood stove and a hi-temp chimney.
  6. Tarion Warranty Corporation - ignore, not applicable.
  7. Attachments - Submit along with a sketch showing the proposed location of the appliance and where the chimney will be installed. The sketch should indicate the floor pad and location if required, and the distance from combustible framing.
  8. Declaration - date and sign the application.

The required distance from combustible framing is indicated on the certification tag located on the rear of the appliance. If the appliance is not certified, CAN/CSA -B365-M87 states the following clearances must be maintained;

Top - 60",
Sides - 48"
Rear - 48"
Fueling side - 48"

These distances can be reduced by using shielding, masonry with 1" air gap allows a 50% reduction. Certified wall shields are also available, see your supplier.

Chimney flues must be kept 18" from combustible framing, double and triple wall flues are available that have reduced clearances, see your supplier. (note chimney detail drawing)

The permit fee is $30.00 for solid fuel appliance and chimney installation. Copies of the inspection report are sent to the homeowner if requested for their insurance company.

Outdoor Wood Furnaces, please note that Laurentian Valleys Zoning By-law contains a restriction on where outdoor furnaces may be located; 3.21 OUTDOOR FURNACES

An outdoor furnace shall only be permitted in a Rural (RU) Zone or an Agriculture (A) Zone and subject to the following requirements:

(a) an outdoor furnace shall be located a minimum of 50 metres from any property line; and

(b) an outdoor furnace shall be located a minimum of 100 metres from a dwelling on any other property.