Completing the Building Application

  1. Project Information - complete all boxes; Civic Address if there is one or the lot & concession; Project Value is an estimate for Statistics Canada - that is how they track building activity; Area of Work is the size of the building you are constructing.
  2. Purpose of Application - tick the applicable box; indicate the use of the building is it residential, commercial, industrial, etc.; Indicate the use of the existing or proposed buildings, eg. three bedroom dwelling or detached garage. Provide a discription of the proposed work, eg. to construct a detached dwelling, or to construct a detached garage.
  3. Applicant - the applicant is to complete by filling in his or her information, this is the person the Municipality will work with to process the application and complete the project.
  4. Owner - insert the owners information if the owner is not the applicant.
  5. Contractor - insert the contractors information if different from the owner and the applicant.
  6. Tarion Warranty Corporation - to be completed for new homes only.
  7. Completeness of Application - Tick the appropriate boxes, this section is drafted by lawyers from Toronto that we are not allowed to alter; in english, what they are asking is  i) have you completed the Application and required schedules? ii) have you attached the plans of the project you want the permit for? iii) have you also attached the site plan showing where the project is to be built? iv) Some buildings/projects must also comply with other Provincial regulations, have you ensured that your project will comply with these? (for example, Old age homes and day care facilities have different requirements/regulations they must comply with also)
  8. Attachments - Please attach the required documents, as noted on the cover page of the application. The application is not complete until all the required documents have been filed with the Municipality.
  9. Declaration - date and sign the application.

Schedule 1: Designer Information

The person who has designed the building should complete this schedule, if you have any questions refer to Division C, Part 3, Section 3.2 of the Ontario Building Code. (1) This Section prescribes, for the purposes of Clause 8(2) (c) and subsection 15.11(5) of the Act, the qualifications for a person who carries out design activities after December 31, 2005.

When the application is complete and you have your sketches or plans ready, mail or drop at the office.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call Claus Trost CBCO at 735-6291