Building Houses

The following information is required when applying for a Building Permit to construct a new home

  • Application on Township Forms (with all applicable information supplied and form signed)
  • Plot Plan -On application or attached
  • Structural drawings, showing at minimum all dimensions, spans, size and type of materials to be used.

The plot plan should show the following; setbacks from lot lines, any drainage swales and ditches, location of well and sewage system or location of buried service entrances, hydro services, bell and cable services, driveway

The following plans are required when making the application

  • Footing & foundation plans
  • Floor plans, including basment layout if it is finished
  • Section detail plan
  • All elevation plans

This information is required in order to conduct a proper plan review. This plan review is beneficial in that building code deficiencies can be detected before you have paid for them.

It is also important to indicate on the plans whether there will be a deck constructed or if you plan on constructing it later under another building permit.

Also required to be completed

  • Heating & Ventilation Design Summary
  • Energy Efficiency Design Summary
  • Ontario New Home Warranty Declaration

These forms are included in the application package. The HVAC design summary is required prior to construction so that compliance with section 9.32 of the OBC can be determined. The ONHWP declaration is required to verify compliance with section 8.-(2)of the Ontario Building Code Act.

Houses requiring on-site sewage disposal systems

  • Application to Install an On-site Sewage Disposal System completed in full, complete with required signatures and licence numbers of the designer and the contractor.
  • Detailed site plan, showing location and elevations of proposed system complete with dimensions to neighboring wells, water courses, buildings etc.