Delegations to Council

The following procedures must be followed when making a presentation to a
Council Meeting (Regular or Special):

1. Requests to appear before Council as a delegation must be received by the CAO/Clerk by 4 PM on the Friday prior to the scheduled Council meeting date. Requests must be received in writing.

2. A maximum of three (3) delegations may be permitted at Council meetings. In general, delegations will be referred to either the appropriate Standing Committee or to the Committee of the Whole.

3. Delegations will be accepted on a “first come, first scheduled” basis.

4. The CAO/Clerk will have final authority on scheduling a delegation for a regular Council meeting or referring the delegation request to a Standing Committee or the Committee of the Whole.

5. Delegations can be comprised of any number of people (subject to the occupancy requirements of the meeting room). Regardless of the number of people comprising the delegation, only ONE (1) person may be the spokesperson for the delegation.

6. Delegations must provide ten (10) written copies of their presentation to the CAO/Clerk for distribution to members of Council and staff immediately prior to the commencement of the meeting.

7. Delegations are limited to a maximum of TEN (10) minutes for their presentation, discussion and questions to/from Council. The Mayor will move to the next agenda item at the end of the TEN (10) minute time.

8. Council will not make decisions on the issue being raised by the delegation at the Council meeting. Issues will generally be forwarded to the next regular meeting for a decision.

9. Delegations are bound by the Rules of Procedure as outlined in Procedural By-Law 2009-05-017 and any subsequent revisions. Copies of By-Law 2009-05-017 may be obtained from the Municipal Website.