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2014 By-laws

2014-01-001 zba Z2013_09_MULLENS ESSO.pdf37.08KB
2014-01-002 - 2014 Interim Tax bylaw.pdf1.56KB
2014-01-003 Confirming By-Law (CC Jan 7-14, SM Jan 7-14, RM Jan 21-14).pdf1.48KB
2014-02-004 Alternative Voting By-Law.pdf1.37KB
2014-02-005 zba Z2013_05_Cooper _Subd.pdf78.33KB
2014-02-006 Municipal Forest Fire Management Agreement with MNR.pdf7.19MB
2014-02-007 To Appoint Fire Chief & Deputy Fire Chief.pdf2.78KB
2014-02-008 Authorize amend SPA w Pembroke Plaza Inc.pdf4.16MB
2014-02-009 Confirming By-Law (CC Feb 4-14, RM Feb 18-14).pdf1.47KB
2014-03-010- zba Z2014_02_Blair_Jones_BLine.pdf26.69KB
2014-03-011 Dedicated Gas Tax Funds.pdf1.37KB
2014-03-012 Alternative Voting By-Law.pdf1.41KB
2014-03-013 Electronic Voting Services Agreement.pdf4.28MB
2014-03-014 Confirming By-Law (CC Mar 4-14, RM Mar 18-14).pdf1.47KB
2014-04-015 Appoint Weed Inspector for 2014.pdf1.37KB
2014-04-016 Authorize ProfServAgmt Hoffman.pdf42.9KB
2014-04-017- rezoning Z2014_03_Hoffman.pdf38.33KB
2014-04-018 Tariff of Fees (Repeals 2006-06-296).pdf11.67KB
2014-04-019 Amend 06-01-271 Animal Control Bylaw.pdf1.41KB
2014-04-020 Noise By-Law (Repeals A&F 84-19, PEM 691-12-93).pdf3.68KB
2014-04-021 Confirming By-Law (SM Mar 25-14, CC Apr 1-14, RM Apr 15-14).pdf1.48KB
2014-05-022 Waste Collection RE Charges Amends 05-05-248 (repeals 2010-04-012).pdf1.4KB
2014-05-023 AMO Gas Tax Funding Agreement.pdf58.03KB
2014-05-024 Authorize Subd Agmt DSC Dev TaylorHeights 47T.pdf46.36KB
2014-05-025 2014 Budget, Tax and Sewer Rates.pdf65.63KB
2014-05-026 Confirming By-Law (SM Apr 22-14, CC May 6-14, RM May 20-14).pdf1.48KB
2014-06-027 rezoning Z2014_04_Meek kennel.pdf49.94KB
2014-06-028 rezoning Z2014_05_Gorr.pdf42.59KB
2014-06-029 Authorize Site Plan Agmt Hoffman B100 13.pdf1.93MB
2014-06-030 Remuneration to Council for 2014.pdf2.4KB
2014-06-031 Expenses Reimbursement for Council and Staff.pdf2.78KB
2014-06-032 Long Term Borrowing - Roy St. Rehabilitation.pdf5.9KB
2014-06-033 Confirming By-Law (CC June 3-14, RM June 17-14).pdf1.46KB
2014-07-034 To Prohibit the Use of Clothing Donation Bins.pdf1.41KB
2014-07-035 rezoning Z2014_07_Rigo.pdf37.59KB
2014-07-036 Authorize SPA with Stefan Lennartz.pdf1.94MB
2014-07-037 Stop Sign By-Law (Repeals Bylaw 2013-11-046).pdf3.79KB
2014-07-038 Authorize ProfServAgmt Assante.pdf50.58KB
2014-07-039 Confirming By-Law (RM July 15-14).pdf1.46KB
2014-08-042 Development Charge By-law 2014.pdf20.02MB
2014-08-043 Delegate Executive Authority for Decisions to CAO.pdf1.24KB
2014-08-044 Confirming By-Law (RM Aug 19-14).pdf1.46KB
2014-09-045 To Appoint Compliance Audit Committee.pdf2.76KB
2014-09-047 OVWRC Land Purchase.pdf1.33KB
2014-09-048 To enter into an agreement for waste collection services.pdf1.33KB
2014-09-049 Confirming By-Law (CC Sept 2-13 RM Sept 16-14).pdf1.47KB
2014-10-052 Authorize ProfServAgmt Jessup.pdf46.03KB
2014-10-053 Authorize SPA Jessup_ValleyDumpster.pdf22.74KB
2014-10-054 To Acquire Land - Heubner.pdf1.23KB
2014-11-057 Debenture Roy Street Reconstruction.pdf24.27KB
2014-11-058 Authorize Agmt Steeves gardensuite.pdf88.36KB
2014-11-059 Authorize SPA NagoraEderB57 13.pdf1.43MB
2014-11-060 Confirming By-Law (CC Oct 7, Nov 4 18).pdf1.49KB
2014-12-061 Appoint Signing Officers, Auditors, Solicitors.pdf1KB
2014-12-062 Code of Conduct.pdf12.75KB
2014-12-063 Confirming By-Law (Dec 2 2014).pdf1.47KB
2014-12-064 Remuneration to Employees for 2015.pdf10.57KB
2014-12-065 Remuneration to Council for 2015.pdf2.44KB
2014-12-066 Temporarily Borrowing Money for 2015.pdf2.28KB
2014-12-067 Appoint Committee of Adj for 2015.pdf1.19KB
2014-12-068 Appoint Livestock Valuers for 2015.pdf2.39KB
2014-12-069 Appoint Weed Inspector for 2015.pdf2.13KB
2014-12-070 Maintenance Repair & Improvement to Drainage Works-Vandersleen.pdf2.73KB
2014-12-071 Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund - Formula-Based Component Agreement.pdf1.64MB
2014-12-072 Scotiabank Commitment Letter.pdf26.83KB
2014-12-073 Confirming By-Law (Dec 16 2014).pdf1.47KB
2014-08-040 rezoning Z2014_06_Yantha cycle.pdf41.61KB
2014-08-041 ZBA Z2014_08_ForestLea_Rec.pdf39.96KB
2014-09-046 rezoning Z2014_09_Jessup ValleyDumpster.pdf49.82KB
2014-10-050 rezoning Z2014_10_Weisenberg.pdf44.47KB
2014-10-051 zba Z2014_11_Buder.pdf1.2KB
2014-11-055 rezoning Z2014_12_SteevesgarDsuite.pdf1.04KB
2014-11-056 rezoning Z2014_13_Jessup_remove_h.pdf45.19KB