2009 By-laws

Bylaw 2009-01-006 Confirming Bylaw pdf 18.77Kb
Bylaw 2009-01-001 Commitee of Adjusment pdf 16Kb
Bylaw 2009-01-002 Amend Swimming Pool Fencing pdf 99.51Kb
Bylaw 2009-01-003 To Provide for Interim Tax Levies pdf 20.68Kb
Bylaw 2009-01-004 Temporarily Borrowing Money for 2009 pdf 17.69Kb
Bylaw 2009-01-005 Confirming Bylaw pdf 18.94Kb
Bylaw 2009-03-013 Confirming Bylaw pdf 19.04Kb
Bylaw 2009-02-008 Rezoning Z-2008-10 Malette pdf 242.15Kb
Bylaw 2009-02-009 Amending Planning Fees pdf 17.78Kb
Bylaw 2009-02-010 Confirming Bylaw pdf 18.82Kb
Bylaw 2009-02-007 Appoinment of Closed Session Investigator pdf 1204.05Kb
Bylaw 2009-03-012 Confirming Bylaw pdf 18.52Kb
Bylaw 2009-03-011 Agreement with City of Pembroke (Boundary Boads) pdf 403.21Kb
Bylaw 2009-04-014 ReZoning Malette remove h pdf 213.52Kb
Bylaw 2009-04-015 Confirming Bylaw pdf 18.32Kb
Bylaw 2009-04-016 Confirming Bylaw pdf 18.37Kb
Bylaw 2009-12-056 Sale of Township Land pdf 89.08Kb
Bylaw 2009-05-018 Confirming Bylaw pdf 18.39Kb
Bylaw 2009-05-019 Atwater Ph 3 remove h pdf 240.93Kb
Bylaw 2009-05-020 Clouthier Pit rezoning Z 2009 04 pdf 262.69Kb
Bylaw 2009-05-022 Confirming Bylaw pdf 18.19Kb
Bylaw 2009-05-021 Fire Assistance Agreement pdf 292.78Kb
Bylaw 2009-06-023 Rezoning GalbrandSanterre Garden Suite Z-2009-06 pdf 279.36Kb
Bylaw 2009-06-025 Confirming Bylaw (June 8th, 16th 2009) pdf 18.9Kb
Bylaw 2009-06-024 Rezoning Mackinnon Z-2009-07 pdf 254.09Kb
Bylaw 2009-06-027 Confirming Bylaw pdf 18.51Kb
Bylaw 2009-06-026 Budget, Tax and Sewer Rates pdf 437.35Kb
Bylaw 2009-07-029 Bell Aliant Agreement Authorization pdf 732.89Kb
Bylaw 2009-07-030 Confirming Bylaw (July 21st) pdf 115.1Kb
Bylaw 2009-08-031 Development Charge pdf 2386.98Kb
Bylaw 2009-08-032 Confirming Bylaw pdf 18.41Kb
Bylaw 2009-07-028 Rural Connections Broadband Funding Agreement authorization pdf 4639.23Kb
Bylaw 2009-09-034 Rezoning Z 2009 08 Selle pdf 332.49Kb
Bylaw 2009-09-035 Inter Municipal Agreement Waste Recovery pdf 1651.46Kb
Bylaw 2009-09-036 Confirming Bylaw (Sept 22) pdf 136.94Kb
Bylaw 2009-09-033 Infrastructure Stimulus Fund Contribution Agreement Authorization pdf 4552.95Kb
Bylaw 2009-10-040 Confirming Bylaw (Oct 20) pdf 120.21Kb
Bylaw 2009-10-041 Confirming Bylaw (Oct 13th) pdf 122.38Kb
Bylaw 2009-12-046 Appoint Fire Chief & Deputy Fire Chief pdf 70.36Kb
Bylaw 2009-10-038 Municipal Taxi Bylaw pdf 2231.04Kb
Bylaw 2009-12-051 Appoint Committee of Adjustment pdf 76.81Kb
Bylaw 2009-12-052 Temporarily Borrowing Money for 2010 pdf 118.05Kb
Bylaw 2009-12-053 Amend Tariff of Fees By-Law (Minor Variance) pdf 73.54Kb
Bylaw 2009-12-054 Confirming Bylaw (Dec 2009) pdf 116.36Kb