2008 By-laws

Bylaw 2008-02-380 2008 Interim Tax Levies pdf 204.11Kb
Bylaw 2008-10-414 Confirming Bylaw (Sept pdf 114.76Kb
Bylaw 2008-10-418 Confirming Bylaw (Oct 2008) pdf 157.52Kb
Bylaw 2008-11-420 Appoint New Fire Chief pdf 82.2Kb
By-Law 08-02-383 Valley Arts Council Schedule A pdf 363.01Kb
Bylaw 2008-03-388 False Alarm (Repeals 02-05-139 Jan09) pdf 459.3Kb
Bylaw 2008-07-409 Amend Official Plan (#3) pdf 2105.19Kb
Bylaw 2008-07-408 Amend Zoning (Gauthier) pdf 204.92Kb
Bylaw 2008-04-391 Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw pdf 541.61Kb
Bylaw 2008-11-419 Confirming Bylaw (Nov 4th, 2008) pdf 153.93Kb
Bylaw 2008-07-406 Amend Zoning (Stresman) pdf 252.81Kb
Bylaw 2008-11-421 Confimring Bylaw (Nov 18th, 2008) pdf 154.2Kb
Bylaw 2008-05-398 Water Rates pdf 201.15Kb
Bylaw 2008-07-410 Amend Zoning (Walmart Expansion) pdf 203.09Kb
Bylaw 2008-02-385 Amend Zoning (Villarboit Home Depot-Tim Horton's Site) pdf 81.53Kb
Bylaw 2008-10-417 Notice Bylaw pdf 633.85Kb
Bylaw 2008-09-411 Confirming Bylaw (July, August 2008) pdf 93.33Kb
Bylaw 2008-03-387 Confirming Bylaw (Feb 2008) pdf 97.51Kb
Bylaw 2008-07-405 Amend Zoning (Lewis) pdf 253.07Kb
Bylaw 2008-05-394 Confirming Bylaw (April 2008) pdf 6535.17Kb
Bylaw 2008-01-377 Confirming Bylaw (Dec 2007) pdf 95.91Kb
Bylaw 2008-10-415 To Assume Hamilton Part of Hunt Road pdf 97.58Kb
Bylaw 2008-04-393 Pleasant View Municipal Drain pdf 6535.17Kb
Bylaw 2008-02-381 Waste Collection and Diversion (Amend Bylaw 05-05-248) pdf 591.93Kb
Bylaw 2008-12-428 Deem Blocks in Plan 507 and Plan 514, Pembroke (not in Plan of Subdivision) pdf 84.81Kb
Bylaw 2008-06-399 Confirming Bylaw (May 2008) pdf 95.92Kb
Bylaw 2008-06-401 Amend Zoning (England) pdf 283.38Kb
Bylaw 2008-04-392 Sale of Barry's Bay Health Unit pdf 91.76Kb
Bylaw 2008-12-426 Appoint Fire Chief and Deputy pdf 71.4Kb
Bylaw 2008-05-397 2008 Budget, Taxes and Sewer Rates pdf 431.14Kb
Bylaw 2008-02-383 Festival Hall Agreement - Management Services pdf 429.11Kb
Bylaw 2008-02-384 Amend Zoning (Roney) pdf 209.46Kb
Bylaw 2008-10-416 To Assume Hunt Road cul-de-sac pdf 99.05Kb
Bylaw 2008-12-422 Confirming Bylaw (Dec 2008) pdf 155.65Kb
Bylaw 2008-02-382 MIII Infrastructure Funding - Indian Court Application pdf 248.93Kb
Bylaw 2008-12-429 Confirming Bylaw (Dec 2008) pdf 155.55Kb
Bylaw 2008-06-400 Zoning - Remove Holding (Jeffrey) pdf 220.86Kb
Bylaw 2008-04-389 Confirming Bylaw (March 2008) pdf 93.76Kb
Bylaw 2008-04-390 To Purchase Land (Waste Management) pdf 106.78Kb
Bylaw 2008-07-407 (Bucholtz) pdf 253.84Kb
Bylaw 2008-07-403 Confirming Bylaw (June 2008) pdf 93.83Kb
Bylaw 2008-02-379 Confirming Bylaw (Jan 2008) pdf 93.69Kb
Bylaw 2008-03-386 Emergengy Plan (Amended by 08-03-386) pdf 1940.49Kb
Bylaw 2008-07-404 Amend Zoning (Innes) pdf 254.6Kb
Bylaw 2008-12-430 Acquisition of Property (Grant Matthews) pdf 214.8Kb
Bylaw 2008-09-412 Use of City's Recreation Facilities (Amend 06-09-311) pdf 103.81Kb
Bylaw 2008-01-378 Appoint 2008 Committee of Adjustment pdf 85.74Kb
Bylaw 2008-05-396 Waste Diversion - Grabage Rates (Amend Bylaw 2005-05-248) pdf 104.66Kb