2007 By-laws

Bylaw 2007-03-335 Appoint Committee of Adjustment Members pdf 83.74Kb
Bylaw 2007-05-344 Amend (Pem) Zoning Bylaw (Jeffery) pdf 279.86Kb
Bylaw 2007-12-373 Road Allowance Closure pdf 131.15Kb
Bylaw 2007-12-365 Confirming Bylaw (Nov 2007) pdf 100.21Kb
Bylaw 2007-08-353 Waste Diversion & Pick-Up (Scrap Metal) (Amends Bylaw 05-05-248) pdf 685.2Kb
Bylaw 2007-11-364 Amend (Pem) Zoning Bylaw (Atwater Phase III) pdf 420.06Kb
Bylaw 2007-05-340 Confirming Bylaw (Apr 2007) pdf 94.67Kb
Bylaw 2007-05-342 Amend Site Plan Control Bylaw (Environmental Controls) pdf 112.34Kb
Bylaw 2007-02-332 To Provide for 2007 Interim Tax Levies pdf 201.59Kb
Bylaw 2007-12-367 For Temporarily Borrowing Money for 2008 pdf 127.41Kb
Bylaw 2007-09-356 Confirming Bylaw (June, July, Aug 2007) pdf 106.99Kb
Bylaw 2007-10-360 Amend (Pem) Zoning Bylaw (Cardinal Fruit and Veg) pdf 262.92Kb
Bylaw 2007-01-330 Authorize Submission of Application to OIPC for Rural Infrastructure pdf 306.21Kb
Bylaw 2007-04-338 To Acquire Land BLine Rd Widenings pdf 133.52Kb
Bylaw 2007-10-359 Confirming Bylaw (Sept 2007) pdf 102.13Kb
Bylaw 2007-05-341 Joint Agreement Funding Festival Hall (Pem, Pet, LV) pdf 369.8Kb
Bylaw 2007-07-351 Amend (A&F) Zoning Bylaw (J pdf 278.1Kb
Bylaw 2007-12-366 To Appoint Fire Chief & Deputy for 2008 pdf 81.43Kb
Bylaw 2007-11-362 Amend (Staff) Zoning Bylaw (remove 'h' from Siegel property) pdf 222.64Kb
Bylaw 2007-06-347 Amend (A&F) Zoning Bylaw (Yantha Z-2006-12) pdf 384.99Kb
Bylaw 2007-09-358 Amend (A&F) Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw (J pdf 320.81Kb
Bylaw 2007-12-372 Amend (A&F) Zoning Bylaw (Martin) pdf 271.04Kb
Bylaw 2007-11-361 Confirming Bylaw (Oct 2007) pdf 98.78Kb
Bylaw 2007-04-339 Amend Zoning Bylaw (Block 40) pdf 216.23Kb
Bylaw 2007-03-334 Confirming Bylaw (Feb 2007) pdf 97.23Kb
Bylaw 2007-05-345 Adoption of 2007 Budget, Tax, and Sewer Rates pdf 433.71Kb
Bylaw 2007-07-352 Amnd (Staff) Zoning Bylaw (Biodiesel) pdf 360.21Kb
Bylaw 2007-02-331 Confirming Bylaw (Jan 2007) pdf 95.36Kb
Bylaw 2007-12-375 To Dedicate Robinson Lane as a Public Highway pdf 335.76Kb
Bylaw 2007-04-337 Amend Zoning (Lemke Z-2007-02) pdf 234.35Kb
Bylaw 2007-08-355 Amend (Staff) Zoning Bylaw (Bucholtz) pdf 240.97Kb
Bylaw 2007-08-354 Amend (Pem) Zoning Bylaw (Derickx) pdf 252.89Kb
Bylaw 2007-07-350 Deem Block 22, Plan 616 (Pem) not a Block on R Plan of Sub pdf 91.52Kb
Bylaw 2007-06-346 Confirming Bylaw (May 2007) pdf 94.44Kb
Bylaw 2007-09-357 Amend (Pem) Zoning Bylaw (Smith) pdf 299.74Kb
Bylaw 2007-05-343 Amend (A&F) Zoning Bylaw (Nagora) pdf 77.54Kb
Bylaw 2007-04-336 Confirming Bylaw (Mar 2007) pdf 93.89Kb
Bylaw 2007-12-376 To Dedicate Portion od Colby Lake Rd as Public Highway pdf 107.45Kb
Bylaw 2007-02-333 To Adopt Titles of Elected Members (Reeve changed to Mayor) pdf 74.18Kb
Bylaw 2007-07-348 Authorize (COMRIF) Asset Management Funding Agreement pdf 2558.03Kb
Bylaw 2007-01-326 Confirming Bylaw (Dec 2006) pdf 96.2Kb