2006 By-laws

Bylaw 2006-09-309 Confirming Bylaw (June pdf 97.27Kb
Bylaw 2006-01-272 Amend Zoning Bylaw (Brideau) pdf 215.02Kb
Bylaw 2006-05-289 To Appoint Fence Viewers (repeals 00-01-07) pdf 94.02Kb
Bylaw 2006-06-299 Vote By Mail pdf 414.52Kb
Bylaw 2006-01-271 Animal Control Bylaw pdf 2099.2Kb
Bylaw 2006-05-287 Confirming Bylaw (April 2006) pdf 95.19Kb
Bylaw 2006-07-303 Official Plan Amendment (#2) pdf 643.45Kb
Bylaw 2006-01-273 Amend Zoning Bylaw (Clifford) pdf 185.95Kb
Bylaw 2006-08-306 Amend Site Plan Control Bylaw 03-03-168 pdf 76.53Kb
Bylaw 2006-07-302 Amend Zoning Bylaw (Turcotte) pdf 270.91Kb
Bylaw 2006-05-292 Amend Zoning Bylaw (Sennet) pdf 282.17Kb
Bylaw 2006-08-308 NRTC Lease pdf 492.22Kb
Bylaw 2006-05-293 Amend Zoning Bylaw (Gauthier) pdf 283.53Kb
Bylaw 2006-08-307 Amend Tariff of Planning Fees Bylaw 00-03-29 pdf 112.29Kb
Bylaw 2006-06-298 Gauthier Removal of 'h' pdf 195.51Kb
Bylaw 2006-12-320 Confirming Bylaw (Nov 2006) pdf 97.41Kb
Bylaw 2006-07-300 Rename Boundary Road to Blakely Crescent pdf 174.63Kb
Bylaw 2006-04-284 Confirming Bylaw (March 2006) pdf 93.81Kb
Bylaw 2006-03-280 Confirming Bylaw (Feb7th, 28th 2006) pdf 95.77Kb
Bylaw 2006-01-274 To Acquire Land (Edwards) BLine Rd Widening pdf 108.67Kb
Bylaw 2006-12-321 Temporary Borrowing of Money for 2007 pdf 124.32Kb
Bylaw 2006-10-312 Confirming Bylaw (Sept 2006) pdf 97.84Kb
Bylaw 2006-02-277 Amend Zoning - Bardis Subdivision, Remove 'h' pdf 200.25Kb
Bylaw 2006-09-310 Amend Zoning Bylaw (Taylor Heights) pdf 249.36Kb
Bylaw 2006-10-313 Amend Zoning Bylaw 635-02-91 (Kuehl) pdf 245.17Kb
Bylaw 2006-10-315 Sign Lease Agreement with Snow Country pdf 947.14Kb
Bylaw 2006-02-278 To Provide for 2006 Interim Levies pdf 203.96Kb
06-01-271 Pets By-Law pdf 100.87Kb
Bylaw 2006-07-304 Amend Zoning Bylaw (Dumpy'z) pdf 334.76Kb
Bylaw 2006-04-286 Water - Sewer Connection Robinson Lane - Pembroke St E pdf 542.93Kb
Bylaw 2006-10-316 Regulate Traffic on Highways in Laurentian Valley - Stop Signs pdf 448.01Kb
Bylaw 2006-06-297 Amend Zoning Bylaw (Robitaille) pdf 288.37Kb
Bylaw 2006-12-322 To Appoint Fire Chief & Deputy for 2007 pdf 77.54Kb
Bylaw 2006-06-295 Confirming Bylaw (May 2006) pdf 95.16Kb
Bylaw 2006-02-276 Confirming Bylaw (Jan 17th 2006) pdf 93.41Kb
Bylaw 2006-03-281 To Acquire Land (Roesler) pdf 116.1Kb
Bylaw 2006-08-305 Amend Zoning Bylaw (Civitan) pdf 175.32Kb
Bylaw 2006-05-291 2006 Tax Rates, Budget, Sewer Rates (Amended by 06-07-301) pdf 438.2Kb
Bylaw 2006-11-317 Confirming Bylaw (Oct 2006) pdf 96.01Kb
Bylaw 2006-07-301 Amend 2006 Budget - Due Dates (Amends 06-05-291) pdf 123.14Kb
Bylaw 2006-04-283 Burning Bylaw (repeals 00-08-57) pdf 813.89Kb
Bylaw 2006-12-323 Rezoning Walmart - Boston Pizza - Reitmans pdf 90.21Kb
Bylaw 2006-11-318 Annual Drainage Rates Under Tile Drainage Act pdf 342.61Kb
Bylaw 2006-07-303 Official Plan Amendment (#2) Count Approval Sept 5 2006 pdf 2985.56Kb