2003 By-laws

Bylaw 2003-10-193 Rezoning (Richard Newcombe) pdf 934.17Kb
Bylaw 2003-01-158 Drainage Debenture (Goudie) pdf 177.37Kb
Bylaw 2003-08-186 To Remove Holding Zone (Reitman's) pdf 173.91Kb
Bylaw 2003-10-190 Occupancy of Hydro Poles pdf 86.9Kb
Bylaw 2003-06-173 To Amend Annual Garbage Charge pdf 81.29Kb
Bylaw 2003-02-164 Rezoning (Carl Scheuneman) pdf 734.51Kb
Bylaw 2003-11-194 To Remove Holding Zone (Beck) pdf 180.25Kb
Bylaw 2003-03-166 To Remove Holding Zone (Canadian Tire) pdf 344.33Kb
Bylaw 2003-07-177 Rezoning (Canadian Tire - Garden Centre) pdf 689.22Kb
Bylaw 2003-07-180 Official Plan Amendment No pdf 2205.81Kb
Bylaw 2003-07-184 To Amend Zoning Bylaw 02-12-150 (Stalkie) pdf 98.61Kb
Bylaw 2003-05-169 Rezoning (Ian Clouthier) pdf 705.48Kb
Bylaw 2003-07-176 Official Plan Amendment No pdf 3424.43Kb
Bylaw 2003-12-200 To Provide for 2004 Interim Tax Levies pdf 201.96Kb
Bylaw 2003-01-155 Temporarily Borrowing Money for 2003 pdf 126.28Kb
Bylaw 2003-02-165 To Establish Annual Rates for Street Lights (Amending 01-05-88) pdf 233.7Kb
Bylaw 2003-06-174 2003 Budget Bylaw pdf 434.44Kb
Bylaw 2003-12-197 Borrowing Money for 2004 pdf 122.01Kb
Bylaw 2003-05-171 Rezoning (Audrey Lehman) pdf 835.94Kb
Bylaw 2003-01-157 Authority to Temporarily Close a Highway pdf 90.48Kb
Bylaw 2003-06-172 To Purchase Certain Lands for the Waste Recovery Centre pdf 119.29Kb
Bylaw 2003-09-189A To Stop & Sell a Part of Rankin Street pdf 1717.34Kb
Bylaw 2003-07-175 Interim Control for Adult Entertianment Parlours pdf 157.17Kb
Bylaw 2003-10-192 To Appoint a Municipal Auditor pdf 75.65Kb
Bylaw 2003-07-183 To Provide for Advance Votes for the 2003 Municipal Elections pdf 79Kb
Bylaw 2003-01-162 To Provide for 2003 Interim Tax Levies pdf 205.27Kb
Bylaw 2003-07-182 To Amend 2003 Budget Bylaw (Capped) pdf 125.13Kb
Bylaw 2003-12-198 To Appoint Fire Chief & Deputy Fire Chief pdf 77.03Kb
Bylaw 2003-08-187 To Remove Holding Zone (Lapoint's Toyota) pdf 206.05Kb
Bylaw 2003-07-185 To Remove Holding Zone (Ken Stalkie) pdf 264.67Kb
Bylaw 2003-01-156 Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways pdf 635.49Kb
Bylaw 2003-07-179 Rezoning (Oil Changers) pdf 853.3Kb
Bylaw 2003-03-167 Disabled Parking Bylaw pdf 341.26Kb
Bylaw 2003-09-188 To Amend No pdf 153.66Kb
Bylaw 2003-07-178 Official Plan Amendment No pdf 2299.9Kb
Bylaw 2003-03-168 Site Plan Control Bylaw (Amended by 06-08-306) pdf 506.34Kb
Bylaw 2003-07-181 Rezoning (Beck) pdf 870Kb
Bylaw 2003-09-189 To Authorize Signing of Escrow Agreement pdf 782.94Kb