2002 By-laws

Bylaw 2002-03-129 Rezoning (Ethier) pdf 1046.8Kb
Bylaw 2002-06-143 Garbage Collection and Disposal Changes pdf 249.18Kb
Bylaw 2002-12-150 Rezoning (Stalkie) pdf 837.27Kb
Bylaw 2002-01-121 Township Purchase of Lands from Weldon & Popkie pdf 240.87Kb
Bylaw 2002-04-138 To Authorize the Destruction of Certain Documents pdf 719.47Kb
Bylaw 2002-04-136 Rezoning (Wilton & Tourigny) pdf 516.74Kb
Bylaw 2002-05-140 To Adopt a Plan for Peacetime Disasters pdf 1022.75Kb
Bylaw 2002-12-148 Appointing A Fire Chief & Deputy Fire Chief for 2003 pdf 77.74Kb
Bylaw 2002-12-153 To Prescribe the Form, Manner and Times for the Provisions of Notice pdf 265.68Kb
Bylaw 2002-07-146 Alice-Wilberforce Municipal Drain Maintenance Bylaw pdf 321.57Kb
Bylaw 2002-06-145 2002 Budget Bylaw pdf 751.69Kb
Bylaw 2002-03-128 To Establish a Scale of Costs - Municipal Tax Sales pdf 139.25Kb
Bylaw 2002-04-137 Rezoning (Gauthier) pdf 608.48Kb
Bylaw 2002-12-151 Repeal Expenses for Alice & Faser Recreation Committee pdf 87.09Kb
Bylaw 2002-01-118 Alice-Wilberforce Municipal Drain Maintenance Bylaw pdf 238.2Kb
Bylaw 2002-04-135 To Authorize Borrowing by Debenture of $10,000,000 pdf 3431.19Kb
Bylaw 2002-03-132 Agreement with City of Pembroke - Waste Water Treatment Facility pdf 360.74Kb
Bylaw 2002-02-127 Interim Tax Levies for the Year 2002 pdf 203.74Kb
Bylaw 2002-03-130 Hydro One Transfer of Street Light Maintenance, Etc pdf 106.2Kb
Bylaw 2002-06-144 Rate Structure for Construction & Installation of Water Works pdf 332.12Kb
Bylaw 2002-02-124 Parking on Highways & Streets Bylaw pdf 424.99Kb
Bylaw 2002-06-142 Rezoning (Algonquin Lumber) pdf 695.66Kb
Bylaw 2002-01-120 Rezoning (Suckow) pdf 1005.49Kb
Bylaw 2002-12-154 To Establish a Tariff of Fees for Planning Matters (Amending Bylaw 00-03-29) pdf 121.75Kb