2001 By-laws

Bylaw 2001-11-113 To Terminate the Agreement of the Alice & Fraser Landfill Site pdf 338.91Kb
Bylaw 2001-11-112 Rezoning (Weise) pdf 783.59Kb
Bylaw 2001-04-79 Landfill Site Board of Management Agreement pdf 488.73Kb
Bylaw 2001-09-104 To Appoint Members for Committee of Adjustment pdf 86.67Kb
Bylaw 2001-05-90 Road Closing Bylaw (Walmart) pdf 323.92Kb
Bylaw 2001-09-105 Dissolving Existing Wards pdf 243.02Kb
Bylaw 2001-10-108 To Enter Into Contract for Supply & Distribution of Organic Carts pdf 513.04Kb
Bylaw 2001-02-71 Interim Tax Levies for the Year 2001 pdf 199Kb
Bylaw 2001-05-89 Acquire Certain Lands for Drainage Purposes (Walmart) pdf 133.69Kb
Bylaw 2001-02-72 Appoint Drainage Superintendant pdf 89.54Kb
Bylaw 2001-11-111 Contract Agreement for Collection & Transportation of Solid Waste pdf 86.95Kb
Bylaw 2001-03-75 Acquisition of Lands for Drainage Purposes (David Trautrim - Dawson Subdivision) pdf 116.95Kb
Bylaw 2001-12-117 Correcting Deed (Thompson - George Matheson Park) pdf 282.38Kb
Bylaw 2001-07-102 To Authorize Signing Water Main Agreement pdf 763.84Kb
Bylaw 2001-03-74 Acquisition of Lands for Road Purposes (Elizabeth May - Dawson Subdivision) pdf 149.8Kb
Bylaw 2001-10-110 To Appoint an Auditor pdf 75.28Kb
Bylaw 2001-05-93 Offical Plan Ammendment No pdf 913.25Kb
Bylaw 2001-08-103 Temporarily Borrowing for 2001 pdf 121.32Kb
Bylaw 2001-12-116 Temporarily Borrowing Money for 2002 pdf 118.93Kb
Bylaw 2001-06-98 Rating Bylaw (Tile Drainage - Leach) pdf 175.61Kb
Bylaw 2001-01-69 To Act on Behalf of Head of Council pdf 97.89Kb
Bylaw 2001-10-109 A Bylaw to Terminate the Pembroke & Area Waste Management Board Agreement pdf 478.27Kb
Bylaw 2001-09-106 To Enter Into Contract for Supply and Distribution of Organic Carts pdf 456.15Kb
Bylaw 2001-05-87 Swimming Pool Bylaw pdf 386.08Kb
Bylaw 2001-09-107 Temporarily Borrowing Money for the Waste Utilization and Diversion System pdf 240.38Kb
Bylaw 2001-06-96 Rezoning Bylaw - Juno Developments (Canadian Tire) pdf 886.02Kb
Bylaw 2001-04-85 Rezoning Bylaw (MacKenzie - Trautrim) pdf 743.07Kb
Bylaw 2001-05-94 Rezoning Bylaw (First Pemstar) pdf 1042.33Kb
Bylaw 2001-12-115 To Appoint Fire Chief & Deputy Fire Chief pdf 75.97Kb
Bylaw 2001-03-78 Road Closing Bylaw (Alice - Lots 25 & 26, Con 1) pdf 185.38Kb
Bylaw 2001-06-99 Rating Bylaw (Tile Drainage - Goudie & Smith) pdf 197.85Kb
Bylaw 2001-07-100 2001 Budget pdf 2057.14Kb
Bylaw 2001-06-97 Bylaw Repealing Rating Bylaw 01-03-73 pdf 68.27Kb
Bylaw 2001-07-101 To Repeal 200-05-38 Imposing Minimum Tax pdf 71.62Kb