2000 By-laws

Bylaw 2000-02-24 Fire Department Participation in Mutual Aid Plan pdf 82.25Kb
Bylaw 2000-07-54 Beck Rezoning pdf 752.73Kb
Bylaw 2000-05-40 Encroachment Agreement pdf 276.6Kb
Bylaw 2000-03-28 Blue Box Recycle Program pdf 93.46Kb
Bylaw 2000-06-46 Tile Drain Bylaw for Loans pdf 104.31Kb
Bylaw 2000-04-35 Svoboda Rezoning pdf 655.86Kb
Bylaw 2000-01-013 Tile Drain Bylaw for Loans (See #2000-06-046) pdf 110.15Kb
Bylaw 2000-05-41 Discher Rezoning pdf 641.61Kb
Bylaw 2000-10-62 Donat Turcotte Rezoning pdf 773.93Kb
Bylaw 2000-05-39 Authorizing Business Establishments Open on Holidays pdf 166.07Kb
Bylaw 2000-01-012 Deputy Chief Building Official pdf 112.96Kb
Bylaw 2000-01-002 Bylaw Enforcement pdf 110.8Kb
Bylaw 2000-02-22 Interim Tax Rates pdf 228.63Kb
Bylaw 2000-02-23 Appoint Fire Chief & Deputy Fire Chief pdf 81.09Kb
Bylaw 2000-06-50 Balgden Rezoning pdf 727.4Kb
Bylaw 2000-10-60 Wendt-Billard Rezoning pdf 799.27Kb
Bylaw 2000-01-008 Borrowing Bylaw for 2000 pdf 117.27Kb
Bylaw 2000-09-59 Advance Votes Prior to Voting Day pdf 79.94Kb
Bylaw 2000-01-010 Building Permit Bylaw pdf 640.34Kb
Bylaw 2000-03-29 Tariff of Fees pdf 155.93Kb
Bylaw 2000-10-61 Moreau-Leach Rezoning pdf 763.41Kb
Bylaw 2000-01-006 Re-Register for OME


pdf 113.38Kb
Bylaw 2000-09-58 Financing of a Waste Management System pdf 397.24Kb
Bylaw 2000-02-25 Tariff of Fees pdf 145.13Kb
Bylaw 2000-06-49 Temporarily Closing of Fern Road pdf 75.86Kb
Bylaw 2000-03-33 Civic Addressing pdf 1336.44Kb
Bylaw 2000-06-52 Hugli Rezoning pdf 1026.96Kb
Bylaw 2000-10-63 Property Standards Bylaw pdf 1218.37Kb
Bylaw 2000-04-34 Appoint a Lottery Licencing Officer pdf 163.03Kb
Bylaw 2000-05-45 Adoption of 2000 Budget pdf 313.23Kb
Bylaw 2000-01-19 Duties of CAO & Deputy CAO pdf 296.04Kb
Bylaw 2000-01-009 Reeve Signature Stamp pdf 97.93Kb
Bylaw 2000-01-011 Chief Building Official pdf 97.86Kb
Bylaw 2000-11-64 To Establish Procedures Governing the Sale of Real Property pdf 479.08Kb
Bylaw 2000-07-55 Steeves Rezoning pdf 1035.7Kb
Bylaw 2000-03-31 Gary Street Rezoning pdf 551.4Kb
Bylaw 2000-01-017 To Authorize and Promote an Official Logo pdf 151.08Kb
Bylaw 2000-01-16 Deputy Chief Administrative Officer (Amended by 2011-10-042) pdf 108.15Kb
Bylaw 2000-12-67 To Appoint a Fire Chief & Deputy Fire Chief pdf 78.71Kb
Bylaw 2000-06-47 Healey Rezoning pdf 714.14Kb
Bylaw 2000-07-53 Amending Budget (New Due Dates, Capped Classes) pdf 182.6Kb
Bylaw 2000-01-018 Council Procedural Bylaw (See#00-08-056) pdf 685.71Kb
Bylaw 2000-03-30 Temple Rezoning pdf 718.86Kb